Date: 18th Jan, 2016

Pillo Games @GDC San Francisco #1


2016 will be the year that the Pillo game controller is known worldwide for giving people with disabilities the tools to play videogames with their family and friends. Because in March this year, Pillo Games will be attending the biggest Game Developers Conference in the world, in San Francisco! Hoping to attract press, developers and other who'll love and embrace Pillo for their audience. Interested in what games we've lined up? Here's the first few:

  • Mayayana
  • Pillobeats
  • Fellowship

In order to create maximum exposure, we've been cooking up a portable Pillo stand, so we can walk around and play Pillo games anywhere. We're making two Pillo suits (onezies) with a live display strapped on the back and two Pillo controllers attached. Visitors can just grab a Pillo off the suits and start playing right away! Imagine that?!

We're very excited as GDC will be the first international step in our great adventure to make Pillo a reality. We'll be sharing more updates about this exciting trip soon, so stay tuned!